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Men's Spandex Bikinis

Bikinis come in all shapes and sizes.

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The perfect men's spandex bikinis.

How are you built? Are you short or tall, round or built? Maybe you are in between. Do you need a large pouch or an extremely small one? Do you want your bulge to look small, medium or large? Did you know there is a new and very popular trend in swimwear called male to female transformation. This is when the penis is repackaged to look like a vagina. It looks hot and feels great. You might be surprised by how many men are getting in touch with their feminine side. I have always found that looking at the different swimsuits is the easiest way to find the perfect suit. With men's spandex bikinis you need to see them on and seeing them on a model will do the trick. I have a large collection of bikinis, thongs and other sexy swimsuits as do many men who are into swimwear, that said I would recommend you choose the suit that you like on the model while keeping in mind how the bulge looks. Most models that you will see in a photo shoot have smaller penises. This is because the model will fit in most suits. If you are on the small to medium side most suits will fit you in the pouch. If you have a larger penis you will want to look for the suits with a larger bulge style pouch.  High waist swimsuits make shorter guys look taller while a string bikini might be just right if you body is not quite up to model standards which is the category most men fall into.

Men’s Spandex Bikinis Have Never Been More Fun

In the long ago past, swimwear for both men and women was dull and boring. It was designed to cover as much of the human body as possible due to many things but most of the reasons were religious as in to avoid giving into temptation. All of that has gone behind you now as there are men’s spandex bikinis to wear and love. Actually, these days it is all about showing your wonderful body and seeing just how many people you can lead into temptation just by wearing your bikinis. In addition, spandex is a fantastic material to lure people into your web of sexual goodness. It fits like a glove on your body and flatters anything that you might already have on display. Be sure to work on any flaws that your body might have before slipping into that enticing spandex bikini. Once you hit the beach, you want everyone looking at you with lust. Seriously, bikiinis made from spandex have never been more fun to wear.

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